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Oct 2021

Maje – Rome


The project is centered around the establishment of an exquisite Maje store. It comprises several key elements, including planning application and the management of construction works. At its core, the project aims to create a brand-new retail space for Maje, located in the heart of Via del Babuino. The endeavor extends to an extensive internal refurbishment and fit-out of the store. This includes the installation of new flooring finishes, a reimagined internal layout to optimise space utilisation, the integration of new fixtures and fittings, upgraded lighting solutions, and the addition of decorative elements. Furthermore, the project involves meticulous supervision and management of the general contractor to ensure that all client requirements are met, thereby delivering a retail space that not only aligns with Maje’s brand identity but also offers a captivating and inviting shopping experience to its patrons.

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