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Feb 2023

On Running – Regent Street


Discover our project with On Running in Regent Street, London, where our local architect service truly shines.

With our valuable License to Alter, we ensured that every change aligned seamlessly with the landlord’s requirements. Our team expertly managed the planning application to the council, navigating all necessary regulations effortlessly. This meticulous approach guarantees compliance with Building Regulations, creating a safe and functional space that perfectly suits On Running’s needs.

We take pride in our commitment to quality. Our local architect service brings your vision to life while addressing your landlord’s specifications. We simplify the planning process by working closely with the council to secure approvals efficiently. With a keen eye on Building Regulations, we ensure your space not only looks exceptional but also meets all safety and functional standards. Contact us, and let’s transform your project into a reality that’s both hassle-free and fully compliant.

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