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Bespoke Joinery London, Dubai & Riyadh

We bring the initial design that we have for your property to life with our bespoke joinery services, paying attention to every intricacy that comes with each feature. This custom service gives you an opportunity to add character and charm to areas of your space, and the effect it creates cannot be replicated by off-the-shelf alternatives.

What is bespoke joinery?

Bespoke joinery involves the creation of custom-made units, as opposed to off-the-shelf alternatives. This might include the creation of features and furniture such as cabinets, panelling, tables, and any other items that are designed and handcrafted to fit a specific space in the home.

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Creating unique spaces

Our bespoke joinery service enables us to design, build, and install solutions that are completely tailored to your space, and they can help you to get the most out of every room.

Enhancing bespoke fixtures

Once you’re happy with the brief we’ve created, our expert interior designers will make styling choices for these bespoke features to enhance their place in the space – whether it’s by making them a focal point, or blending them into the aesthetics of the room.

Styling your custom features

Next, we’ll source the perfect materials and decorative touches to begin building your bespoke fittings, and we will ensure that they are installed carefully and precisely.

Why choose our bespoke joinery service?

Our bespoke joinery service enhances the spaces that we create, based on the character and purpose that it can introduce. As a team of experienced Italian architects, we have a meticulous eye for finding ways to add value to the spaces that we design in London, Dubai and Riyadh, and this materialises through our bespoke joinery expertise. Our approach to bespoke joinery captures the perfect balance of practicality, functionality, and style, and this combination helps us to create fixtures for spaces that add long-lasting appeal.

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Other services

Planning Application

Ricardo Vicarelli Architects’ planning application service offers a step by step approach to the planning application process, meaning you don’t have to commit to our services until you know all of the fine details

Project Management

Collaborating closely with you, your Project Manager devises a detailed project roadmap. This includes defining milestones, allocating resources, and setting realistic timelines to ensure a smooth progression. Your PM ensures each step is seamlessly executed.

Exterior Architecture

Exterior architecture concentrates on the external design of the spaces that we create. It’s all about ensuring great first impressions from outside of a home or building, achieved by focusing on structures and materials.

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