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Exterior Architecture Services

Exterior architecture concentrates on the external design of the spaces that we create. It’s all about ensuring great first impressions from outside of a home or building, achieved by focusing on structures and materials.

It will be one of the most important aspects of your entire project, and it includes developing the infrastructure, defining the facade and choosing distinctive architectural elements that will characterise and distinguish the building. Find out more about our exterior architecture service here.

What does our exterior architecture service include?

Our exterior architecture service is extremely thorough, and it allows us to create a canvas for your project. Part of this work involves mapping out the architectural design and choosing the right materials; so that the aesthetics and functionality of the building reflect the aim of your project, while also harmonising with the surrounding environment.

Exterior architecture impacts many of the intricacies of your project – from the choice of plants, to the layout of green spaces and walkways. We’re considerate in our approach to getting these elements right, ensuring that they add to the overall appearance of the property.

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3D architectural exterior rendering

Part of our exterior architecture service includes 3D architectural exterior rendering. This is a digital technique used to create highly detailed and realistic images of a building’s exterior.

Bringing your exterior render to life

Some of the key processes this involves include modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, post-processing and presentation.

Precise execution

We will then take steps to ensure our plans reflect your objectives, giving you a clearer understanding of how the exterior of your space will take shape.

outside of dubai villa

Why choose our exterior architecture service?

Choosing our exterior architecture service means you will benefit from our friendly, personalised, professional expertise every step of the way. We’re here to guide you through your project from start to finish, too, from submitting your initial planning application to ensuring your works will be compliant with building regulations.

We work closely with you to make sure that the vision you’ve got for your space comes to life exactly as you’d imagined. We will offer our support, guidance, and trusted project management throughout the entire project, through to completion.

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Other services

Planning Application

This service liberates you from committing to a full project without certainty. We offer a step-by-step approach, granting you the authority to decide whether to proceed with the project’s full implementation

Interior Design

Alongside all of our specialist architectural services, we also offer an interior design service. This involves everything from the style of each individual room, down to completely bespoke joinery.

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