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Interior Design Services

Alongside all of our specialist architectural services, we also offer an interior design service. This involves everything from the style of each individual room, down to completely bespoke joinery. Find out more about everything we offer with our interior design service here.

Home interior design

At Riccardo Vicarelli Architects, we specialise in residential projects and have worked across a wide selection of interiors in both London and Dubai, including Dubai Hills, Kentish Town and Dalston Junction, all which showcase completely different interior design styles, from soft neutral contemporary designs, to art-deco inspired design. All of our home interior design projects are complete with bespoke joinery, including cabinets, panelling and tables that are completely handcrafted to fit the design and space in your home. Find out more about our method today.

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Book a call

We will have an initial introductory meeting during which you will explain all the details of your project, your preferences, your budget, and the project timeline.

Discuss your desires

How can we design your home if we’re not familiar with your tastes? During this call, we’ll delve into the specifics by examining your interior design preferences, aiming to gather as much information as possible.

Commercial interior design

Alongside residential interior design, you can also choose us for commercial interior design. We have completed projects all over the world, including luxury high-end stores like On Running, Maje and Off White. All of these projects included a complete fit out, bespoke joinery, planning and more. Want to find out how we can transform your commercial space? Arrange a free design consultation online now.

Why choose our interior design company?

Riccardo Vicarelli Architects has been working with expert interior designers and architects over the past 20 years, building relationships with happy clients and creating luxurious residential and interior projects we’re proud of, taking care of every tiny detail from planning and building regulations to project management.

Ready to bring the space you’ve dreamed of to life? To share your interior design project ideas with us, get in touch today.

Learn more about how we can help

Other services

Planning Application

This service liberates you from committing to a full project without certainty. We offer a step-by-step approach, granting you the authority to decide whether to proceed with the project’s full implementation

Local Architect

We will create precise technical drawings that meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. These drawings are essential whether we are handling a permitted development situation or a full planning permission application. 

Exterior Architecture

Exterior architecture concentrates on the external design of the spaces that we create. It’s all about ensuring great first impressions from outside of a home or building, achieved by focusing on structures and materials.

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