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Technical design

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the intricate technical aspects of your interior & design or architectural project? We understand your concerns and are committed to providing expert Technical Design services that transform complexity into clarity.

What can we do for you?

Experience peace of mind as our skilled team takes charge of your project’s technical intricacies. With attention to detail, we ensure seamless integration of architectural designs, structural considerations, and interior decor concepts, all tailored to your vision.

As your project reaches its technical completion, we conduct thorough reviews to ensure all technical requirements are met. Our support extends beyond project conclusion, providing you with a seamless post-completion transition.

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Initial Assessment

Our journey begins with a comprehensive consultation where we delve deep into your project’s scope and objectives. This foundational understanding allows us to create a customized technical design plan aligned with your aspirations.

Conceptualization and Planning

Collaborating closely with you, we devise a detailed technical roadmap. This involves meticulous evaluation of architectural plans, designing for optimal functionality, and crafting architectural designs that harmonize aesthetics and feasibility.

Precision Execution

Our team meticulously brings the technical design to life, overseeing every aspect of implementation. From coordinating with our design studio to liaising with architectural services, we ensure each detail aligns with your project’s vision.

Quality Assurance and Innovation

Our commitment to excellence includes quality checks and performance evaluations. We constantly innovate, addressing challenges with creative solutions while maintaining architectural integrity.

Why choose us?

A keen eye for architectural details and a passion for interior & design, our Technical Design services are led by a team of designers dedicated to your project’s success.

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Other services

Planning application

This service liberates you from committing to a full project without certainty. We offer a step-by-step approach, granting you the authority to decide whether to proceed with the project’s full implementation

Concept design

Our team will promptly commence working on studying your project and creating a concept design that mirrors the initial briefing and your requests, while naturally incorporating the touch of our expertise. 

3D measured survey

Our advanced 3D scanning technology captures your space in astonishing detail. This process provides a virtual representation that serves as the basis for accurate architectural designs and building plans.

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