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June 25, 2024

Key Considerations For Planning Your Dubai Villa Renovation Budget


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Dubai is an extremely lucrative location for undertaking any kind of villa renovation project in, whether you’re a homeowner setting out to enhance your daily living environment. or a property developer looking to add to your portfolio.

Each district in the city has its own allure, from the charming haven of Dubai Hills, the metropolitan oasis of Al Maktoum City, and the tranquil Arabian Ranches. Property value is another appealing factor that leads many to either acquire a plot, or to improve their existing property in these awe-inspiring neighbourhoods.

But how much does a typical Dubai villa renovation cost? We’ve broken down some of the main considerations that should be accounted for before beginning a villa renovation in Dubai – find out more.

How much does it cost to renovate a villa in Dubai?

On average, a total dubai villa renovation can cost anywhere between AED 300,000 to AED 5 million. This estimate covers a broad range of renovation types – from partial, to full renovations, and it also accounts for making significant structural changes.

What else should I consider for my Dubai villa renovation costs?

There are a few factors to begin with when it comes to budgeting for your Dubai villa renovation project, and we’ve rounded them up below.

Size and scope of the project

The size of the space that you’ll be upgrading or building is ultimately the determining factor for your budget. For example, partial and full villa renovations will incur different costs, in the same way that making structural changes to an existing space will vary to building an entirely new space.

Here at Riccardo Vicarelli Architects, we have worked with an array of different project scales and requirements. From creating renovation briefs for homeowners looking to extend and renovate their current space, to developing architectural designs for luxury villa developments.

Our project management expertise will help you to establish the exact scope of your project, so you can determine how this will impact your overall budget.

Quality of materials

The longevity of the value that you get from your Dubai villa renovation project is enhanced when you choose high quality materials, giving you much more from your investment. This principle applies to everything to exterior and interior building work, to interior fixtures and decoration. For example, opting for premium materials and bespoke joinery as opposed to off-the-shelf alternatives will give you features that are tailored to your space, and they’ll be designed to last.

It’s worth noting that sustainability is emerging as a key theme in Dubai building and renovation projects, so this could also impact the material choices that you make for the project. While sustainable alternatives often require more investment, they keep your work up to date with the latest environmental regulations.

Choosing the right labourers for your Dubai villa renovation

The quality of your villa renovation will also be determined by the labourers that you choose to work with. You’ll also need to make sure that you have the right skilled professionals for each part of the project – for example, you might need services from plumbers, electricians, and general contractors throughout the timeline of the work. Contractor rates will vary based on the complexity of the work, and as a general estimate hourly fees could be between AED 80 – 400.

Finding skilled Dubai contractors for your project might prove challenging, but our contract tendering support is tailored to help you to access the experts necessary to get the work done to a high standard.

Design and consultancy

You’ve most likely got a vision for how you’d like your project to materialise, and the only way to bring this to life is by making sure you’ve invested in working with the perfect design team for the job. We’d suggest doing plenty of research about potential partners, exploring their portfolios and understanding their capabilities, as this will help you to make an informed choice.

Here at Riccardo Vicarelli Architects, we offer a full project management service, while also being able to support you in choosing the right contractors and applying for work/building permits; alongside our architectural and interior design services. This brings your investment all under one roof, and it allows us to streamline the entire process, all while keeping you central to every decision made. Weighing factors like this into your budget will pave the way for a smooth, effortless Dubai renovation project.

Regulatory approvals and permits

As mentioned above, you will most likely need to apply for building permits before you go ahead with your Dubai villa renovation. This is a non-negotiable for your budget, as without these permits, your project may violate local laws.

Most projects require a Dubai Municipality Building Permit, as this will ensure your project follows the city’s building codes and safety regulations. The cost of this approval is based on the scale of your villa renovation project, and it can vary between AED 500-15,000.

If you’ll be making changes to the electrical wiring of your Dubai villa (i.e adding new lights) then you’ll also need to secure DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) approval, and this ranges from AED 500 – 1,000. Your renovation plans should also have Civil Defense Approval, as this is essential for ensuring fire safety has been accounted for. This can cost between AED 500 – 1,500.

If you’re unsure on the types of permits and approval that you’ll need for your Dubai renovation, our team will be able to advise.

Dubai villa renovation projects always require significant investment; but when the budget is planned strategically, the value that they create is unmatched. We’re here to help you at every stage of this process, so start your journey with us today by arranging a free design consultation.

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