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Delivering innovative design solutions

We have a wide range of unique architectural and interior design services in London and Dubai. We will guide you through an enjoyable process, through innovative architectural and interior design solutions.

Our team of expert architects and designers is dedicated to creating exceptional spaces that truly reflect your vision and lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking architectural design for a home in London or interior design in Dubai, our team is equipped to deliver excellence.

Concept design

Our team will promptly commence working on studying your project and creating a concept design that mirrors the initial briefing and your requests, while naturally incorporating the touch of our expertise. 

Planning application

This service liberates you from committing to a full project without certainty. We offer a step-by-step approach, granting you the authority to decide whether to proceed with the project’s full implementation

Local architect

We will create precise technical drawings that meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. These drawings are essential whether we are handling a permitted development situation or a full planning permission application. 

Technical design

Our team meticulously brings the technical design to life, overseeing every aspect of implementation. This involves meticulous evaluation of architectural plans, designing for optimal functionality, and crafting architectural designs that harmonize aesthetics and feasibility.

Feasibility studies

Our experts conduct thorough site assessments, taking into account geographical, environmental, and regulatory factors. This step ensures that your architectural plans align with the context and meet local requirements.

Building regulations

We Take care of submitting your architectural designs and plans for approvals, communicating with local authorities on your behalf. This process ensures compliance with all architectural and construction requirements.

3D measured survey

Our advanced 3D scanning technology captures your space in astonishing detail. This process provides a virtual representation that serves as the basis for accurate architectural designs and building plans.

Listed building consent

Are you worried that obtaining listed building consent could be a complex and daunting process? We Understand your apprehensions and are here to guide you through every step.

Contract tendering

With our extensive range of architects and design professionals, we facilitate the tendering process. We assist you in selecting the most suitable contractors for your project, ensuring impeccable execution.

Project management

Collaborating closely with you, your Project Manager devises a detailed project roadmap. This includes defining milestones, allocating resources, and setting realistic timelines to ensure a smooth progression. Your PM ensures each step is seamlessly executed.

Riccardo and his team have been excellent partners through our planning application, design and build process. They truly offer an all-in-one service which takes the stress away from building projects!

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About us

London based architecture firm.

We are RIBA and ARB chartered practice. In the last decades we have specialised in local architect service for residential and retail projects. We are passionate and we love creating spaces beautifully designed and professionally planned.


Creating inspiring spaces in
London & Dubai

We are a practice of RIBA chartered architects and civil engineers with over 20 years of experience in residential and retail projects, based in London and now Dubai.

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